Walk4Hearing – Help for People Dealing with Hearing Loss From People Like You

Dealing with hearing loss – whether it is hearing loss in a child or a senior dealing with the hearing loss associated with aging – can be very hard and it can also be very expensive. Many of the advances that are being made in both the treatment and prevention of hearing loss are pretty amazing but most of them come with a high price tag attached to them.

For those dealing with hearing loss and their families the emotional toll can be a high one too, and finding people who understand all the challenges they are facing and can offer support can be hard as well.

Back in 2006 in the US the National Hearing Loss Association decided to make a big positive step to help people dealing with hearing loss by organizing an annual Walk4Hearing event to help raise funds and awareness about what is a large but sometimes overlooked problem for people everywhere of all ages.

The walks are now held every year in major cities all over the country in both the spring and fall and individuals who take part can help raise funds for research, treatment and counseling to help people all over the country.

To learn more about Walk4Hearing, or to register for an event near you, you can visit the event’s official website at http://hlaa.convio.net